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MASTIP is a pioneer of the global plastics hot runner industry which is trusted to deliver and support solutions for customers globally in over 40 countries. MASTIP’s thermally optimised hot runners and components enable our customers to deliver to their customers the highest quality plastic components and products to consumers for the lowest cost in market segments ranging from medical, electrical and appliances through to electronics and automotive.

An Introduction To MASTIP Technology

MASTIP started back in 1991 manufacturing components for injection nozzles. Today, MASTIP can design, manufacture and deliver a total solution of balanced manifolds and nozzle solutions to suit all types of injection moulding plastic applications, focussing on the more difficult engineering grade polymers.

FORM MOULD SERVICES are the proud distributors of MASTIP Hot Runner Solutions in South Africa. We would like you to experience the MASTIP difference and see how we can make things better for you so don’t hesitate to get in touch.


MASTIP can assist with pre-mould build part analysis, design processes and add value to your mould by using leading-edge proven technology coupled with the required special knowledge and experience. When selecting a hot runner supplier a mould maker must consider three qualities: (1) analysis capabilities, (2) design input and (3) product range. MASTIP offers all of these solutions for your every need

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